Availpro is a leading provider of online booking solutions that enables hotels to increase their occupancy and revenue while maintaining low cost. Availpro provides innovative and crucial tools to help managers manage online distribution, maximize commission-free bookings from their official website, and facilitate the decision-making process related to positioning, price optimization, and reputation tracking Line.

As a leading cloud platform for hotels, SiteMinder allows hotels to attract, reach and convert guests across the globe. Site Minder serves hotels of all sizes with award-winning solutions for independents and groups alike, wherever they are in the world.

YieldPlanet is a premium software provider focused on hotel revenue and channel management. We deliver powerful yet easy-to-use solutions to meet and surpass the challenges of distribution and revenue management.

Rentals United is an advanced channel manager for holiday rentals today. Its online software allows property suppliers to sell more nights via multiple online sales portals. When a booking is made, they update availability on all the booking engines. When suppliers change nightly prices, those prices change everywhere at once too.

Specialized in the tourism sector, Orvis 360 has more than 10 years of experience in the creation of WIFI networks. They are in charge of installing, managing and maintaining the Wi-Fi network of their tourist establishment in optimum operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

One Hotel, One App. The Global Solution to make your Hotel a smart destination.

Civitfun is a technological company oriented to tourism that offers a customized mobile application for each hotel.

PROHUT és una Associació nascuda a Barcelona a finals de l’any 2014 amb el propòsit de representar els propietaris i gestors d’edificis COMPLETS d’habitatges d’us turístic (HUT’s). Actualment, la representació que reuneix, entre tots els seus associats, arriba al 60% de la totalitat d’edificis HUT’s de la Ciutat.


L’Associació Professional d’Edificis HUT’s neix amb la voluntat de defensar els drets i interessos dels seus associats davant les Administracions i altres actors del sector turístic.

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