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Everything made simpler


Modify contents easily, manage inventories, prices, deals, customer ratings, payment methods, taxes, bills, invoices and more. Get to know your customers backgrounds and tastes to carry out targeted campaigns. If you want to go further you can integrate your business with your ERP, CRM or even directly with your suppliers to get the best deal and eliminate the need for stock.

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Start selling your products or services online. Local trade options are becoming limited in an increasingly globalized and changing world. http://oceanadesigns.net/quartzite/ Access hundreds of millions of potential customers who shop from home or work.


Internationalizing your business


Export your products by creating a multi-language and multi-currency store to reach new markets.

Multiply your sales by integrating with market places like Amazon, Ebay, Google Shopping, Pixmania, Cdiscount, Carrefour, FNAC or Lengow and simplify payments by offering payment methods such as PayPal, virtual POS, Iupay, PagoFácil, bank transfer or other platforms.


Custom or “Out of the box”


We have the right solution for your business needs. From a development designed and customized 100% that you stand completely on competence, to a pre-built customizable, fast and economical solution.

Success stories


E-commerce eTuyo created by Egluu, was awarded the eAward 2012, in the eShow which is the main eCommerce congress in Spain. E-commerce is not only what you see, behind the scenes we have created an efficient system that fully automates the online store: it manages the customers orders, sends online request directly to your providers, chooses the best deal, orders and delivers directly to the client. This way, eTuyo has eliminated the need for stocks and has become a highly effective e-commerce business.

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