The impact of Social Sharing on Purchase Intention

How many times have you heard about the importance of viral marketing on the social Web? But have you ever wondered what was the actual impact of sharing social data?
By conducting a study evaluating the value of social sharing across a variety of platforms, Social data and sharing tool ShareThis has helped you answer this crucial question.

The overall results reveal that excellent online shares lead to an overall 9.5% lift in purchase frequency.

share-impact-socialFor more precisions, the report has segmented the data by supermarket, min-tablets and automotive shares with vastly different results for each. However, one fact that was sure and certain is that online sharing beats general consumer reviews and ratings across the board.

Nevertheless Online Shares appear third behind in-personal recommendations and professional reviews. Indeed, it represents only 9, 5% increase in purchase intent, compared to 10,6 % and 10,2 % for personal recommendations and professional reviews. It turned out that for high cost items, consumers favor the professional reviewer; while with smaller items such as a tablet, an online share is equivalent of that of a professional reviewer.
Now that we’ve talked about the positive reviews, what should we conclude for the negative ones? Well, they definitely hurt. Online shares cause more damage than a professional review when it comes to product desirability. The negative online share damage is only slightly less detrimental
(-11% drop in desirability) than in-person (-11.2%) and consumer ratings/reviews (-11.3%/-11.2%).

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