The importance of Corporate Visual Identity

In the current corporate environment making your products and services memorable is essential to their survival. Creating a consistent and functional corporate visual identity helps organizations to be recognized, remembered and respected. Considered as an expression and reflection of an organization’s culture, character and personality, the corporate visual identity inspires trust with consumers, employees, suppliers, partners and investors.

corporate-brandingMany believe a corporate visual identity is simply having a recognizable logo that represents the quality and values of their organizations, WRONG! The logo is only one piece among many that make up a strong corporate visual identity.

A strong visual identity conveys an organization’s personality and values through a visual language, culture, and iconography that can be applied to any marketing medium and tactic.

A strong corporate branding is not only about making an organization recognizable, it is also about subconsciously shaping consumers’ feelings about the organization and its services or products through the use of visual branding measures like graphics, colors, slogans and trademarks.

To remain relevant in today’s ever-changing environment, visual identity requires a real commitment that is visionary and flexible; it can no longer be a static physical marker only. However, it must be simple, powerful and easily reproduced and recalled by consumers and general audience. It must also be protected from misuse from a legal standpoint as invaluable intellectual property.

If you feel that your organization’s corporate image is not strong enough and does not convey the right message, Egluu offers the whole corporate design process as part of its services.  Do not neglect this branding initiative and your brand’ need for expression that definitely impact your customers’ loyalty.  For your inspiration, Egluu has selected some its favorite corporate designs.