Email marketing: 7 elements to improve your copywriting

To strengthen the effectiveness of e-mail campaigns marketers must focus on what fills the page, which in other words constitutes the copywriting. Indeed, email marketing involves a unique form of copywriting aimed at engaging your readers, conveying your business message and creating effective calls for action. Therefore, it is important to improve your editorial skills and make sure your e-mail marketing communications contain valuable information that will help you achieve your objectives.

In this article, Egluu examines 7 elements that will help you crafting your message in order to create compelling copy.

Element #1: Your audience.

Customer insight is the foundation of any successful marketing strategy. The more you know about the audience you are writing for, the more targeted and relevant your copy will be.

Element #2: Your added value.

When communicating your offer to your audience, it is crucial to put an emphasis on your key differentiators. You have to demonstrate why is your product better than the one down the street. Indeed, the more your offer stands out from the competition, the better are your chances of getting responses. As Rosser Reeves, author of Reality in Advertising, says, «The proposition must be strong enough to pull new customers to the product.»

Element #3: Your objective.

Before starting writing your copy, you have to clearly determinate the purpose of your e-mails and the action you are trying to get your readers to take. If the answer is not obvious to you, it certainly won’t be to your readers either. A clear call to action, which defines the action your subscriber is to take after they open up your email, could consequently be the solution.

Commandment #5: Your subject line.

The subject line is the hook that draws your subscriber to open your email. It must therefore have to power to convince your readers in less than 50 characters –space included– that they really need to open it. According to Gail Goodman, the author of Engagement Marketing, the best word you can use to get the reader’s attention is you. She adds that new, exciting, exclusive and introducing also constitute great words for subject lines (and headlines).

Commandment #6: Your headline.
Once the e-mail has been opened, the headline is the significant element that comes into play. Indeed, it will get your audience to read further. The headline should summarize the main idea of your e-mail while introducing it. As a result, if customers only read the headline, they should know enough about you and your offer.

Commandment #7: Your copy.
When writing headlines, subheads and body copy, keep it clean, concise and simple. Avoid weasel words and passive voice that may risk weakening your message. Cut the unnecessary words and consolidate your ideas with bullet points and/or subtitles. These will make your e-mail easy to read and more importantly easy to scan!.

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