3 useful tips to increase Blog Comments

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As you might know, it is important to update your blog’s content on a regular basis, but the key to success is actually engagement. One tool to measure engagement is with blog comments. Indeed, the more your audience is engaged in your work, the more it will interact with you. Egluu reveals three simple tips to incite blog users to comment on your platform.

1. Write with passion

To magnetically attract your audience’s attention, you should take a stand on your blog. Question the unquestionable, and everyone pays attention. Indeed, controversy is probably the most reliable tool for getting people to comment, but you have to use it tactfully to not risk offending your readers. You also have to believe passionately in what you are talking about. Write with so much passion and energy that your audience can feel it.

2. Interactive content

Explicitly invite your readers to join in the conversation, ask them a question and request they answer in the comments section. Here are some examples of questions to ask:

  • Do you have a tip to add? Let us know in the comments.
  • Who do you want to hear from our next interview with X?
  • What is your favorite tool for such and such?

Use but do not abuse of these questions. The more often you are asking your audience questions, the less comments your posts will receive on average. Publish articles that necessitate answers no more than once a week to increase engagement and therefore comments.

3. Thank your commenters.

Once you begin getting comments, reply to them promptly! The easiest way to nurture comments is to simply respond to them even if the comment does not obviously request a response. Acknowledge and appreciate your audience’s comments and along with it, you can ask a question to initiate a conversation. While replying to a comment you are continuing the conversation and building the relationship further. Indeed, the more you are building relationships with your reader, the more you are securing their loyalty.


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