Location-based marketing: the digital trend to embrace in 2014

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2014 will see the rise of location-based marketing actions to connect with consumers. Referring to the ability to customize marketing messages based on a prospect’s location and preferences, location-based marketing enables brands to be more contextually relevant.
As location-based services are becoming more precise, huge opportunities are opening up for marketers to really identify their customers through targeted marketing campaigns.
By combining the use of mobile apps and location-based services, marketers are attempting to reach out to their target audience while sending them more personalized content.

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3 useful tips to increase Blog Comments

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As you might know, it is important to update your blog’s content on a regular basis, but the key to success is actually engagement. One tool to measure engagement is with blog comments. Indeed, the more your audience is engaged in your work, the more it will interact with you. Egluu reveals three simple tips to incite blog users to comment on your platform.

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