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Throughout Europe, short-term apartment rentals have been a common place for travelers to stay and are often less expensive than staying in a hotel.  Although regulations limit the industry throughout the United States, there are a growing number of vacation rental apartments there as well.

With a large market and a lot of room for growth, people that rent apartments to vacationers are in need of a booking system that can successfully manage the apartments.  There are many hotel softwares that are capable of managing these apartments, but often they are not adapted at all for what an apartment rental company may need. These hotel software might be too big, too small, but in general they are not dessigned for apartment rentals and they barely fullfill the most important needs of vacation rental apartments managers. Too often we find medium or small companies strugling to adapt their business needs to the software they’ve purchased. Instead, what they need is a property management system that can successfully manage the apartments and their speciffic needs (multiple owners, multiple providers, multiple contracts, special invoicings, adapted cleaning services, etc.).


At the same time, there is a limited number of booking systems for apartment rental companies that can effectively connect the company website with third party booking sites as well as their own property management system.  Many of these companies now are manually integrating their information from all three systems (their own site, third party booking systems, and their property management system), which takes a lot of time and can be a source of constant errors (frequent overbookings among them)



Instead of paying for someone to do all of this work manually, renting or developing a software for your apartment rental company that automatically synchronizes all three systems would increase productivity and make it much easier to successfully manage your business. During the last years egluu has been working on developing these integrations among the different tools that a vacation rental companies need, and we are looking forward to helping  companies all over the world increase their revenue and productivity.


With the vacation apartment rental industry increasing all over the world, now is a great time to get an effective booking system tailored to your needs.  Whether you already have a company or are starting a new one, you are going to need a booking system software that can automatically do most of the jobs.


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